Sunday, September 13, 2009

PT recap: working with her new DAFOs

At PT Theresa had Elena do a lot of her normal exercises wearing with her new DAFOs. I had low expectations, b/c her feet will feel very different, and her shoes are much heavier/bigger b/c to accomodate her new braces she had to go up a full shoe size.

Overall, not too bad. She spent a lot of time doing steps with her loftstrands (not shown) and going up and down the ramp.

Note how far out she puts her crutch when going up the ramp--that's so she can put her weight on her left leg (dominant leg) while doing most of the work.

Here is E walking in her new DAFOs. She might have moved a little better if she wasn't holding something. Still--she made it!

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Anonymous said...

Amy -- hang in with the Dafo's. I know Collin's needs were totally different and not comparing apples to apples, but he was in them for years. So hard every time we got a new set -- but what a difference they made in his gate over the lower profile orthotics. And do you have a stride rite outlet nearby -- so worth the trip for those xxw shoes to fit!