Sunday, November 8, 2009

PT recap: Slalom

Last week at PT E spent a lot of time moving around. We've adapted her new AFOs (Cascade DAFOs) and I think with one more tweak, they'll be just right. E's gait is can be described as follows: can walk toe-heel, flat-foot, occasionally heel-toe, with the majority of her weight bearing on her left leg. She will take a long stride with the left foot and a small step with the right. Her arms are usually bent, and up around her midsection, and she swings them for momentum. When she is tired, her swing is larger, and her knees and feet will turn toward the midline.
We try to keep her stride SLOW and SMALL, as we are trying to foster good walking habits. She can turn around, but not pivot.

Theresa had set up stools as stepping platforms. E does NOT like this drill, b/c when she steps up or down, with her crutches or the handrail, she tries to muscle her movement through her arms instead of through her feet. Since there are no handholds with the stepstools, she wasn't excited about the task. So, she invented this new game:

There are some more PT videos on The Doodle.

Here is E trying to work on her small stride, as she was tasked to walk down the ramp solo with her crutches. Lookin' good!

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