Sunday, June 13, 2010


Last weekend it was an amazingly hot 95°F. Whew that's hot!

The local YMCA had its First Annual YMCA Day--a sort of "field day", at no charge--complete with games, sports demos, a raffle, fun runs, bounce house, playgym (on a bus), and free food and information about living a healthy lifestyle with your kids. It was a great idea--I love our YMCA! I've talked with them several times regarding activities for kids, and they've been very welcoming to Elena. While I'm really happy we went--E was the only physically impaired child there. I'm not going to kid myself--hey, I know statistics, but I hate it when they stare me in the face. Some days are harder than others. *ahem* MOVING ON--

We arrive to the site--it's on a high school track field. I decided to carry E rather than use the stroller (BAD IDEA)--she did walk some, but I didn't want her to be too tired once we got to the track. Once we got there, our first stop was the Tumblebus--an old school bus outfitted with all sorts of climbing/jumping/play equipment. It was air conditioned (albeit, not well) and it was full of kids. Everyone was great.

Then we went to the bounce one was in it. My kind of bounce house time! Then I took E on a big inflatable slide--I really think she could have gotten to the top by herself, but not with an army of 10-yr olds waiting for her to get to the top. I also have my doubts that she could have descended the slide without injury or uncomfortable twisting--so we went together.

Did I mention it was HOT!??

The local fire department was there with one of their engines. So, they helped everyone cool off!

They hooked up the fire hoses, put the ladder all the way up, and created a sprinkler! The kids went NUTS. Elena joined in a crazy mess of wet kids (with her crutches, me right by her side). I told her I wanted to get "sprinkled, not soaked"--well, you can imagine how that went. We were both giggly waterlogged messes after that. That's E's first sprinkler experience...not going to top that one! Unless the fire truck was PINK, I guess.

We went to check out the firetruck, and Fireman Todd took E on a personalized tour!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Jolynn. My son Dalton, has Spastic Diplegia due to his prematurity (24 weeker). The PVL was from his bleeds was pretty severe. He is 2 yrs old now and not walking independently, has a speech delay, and currently gets PT twice weekly. His spactisity is mostly in his ankles and he wears articulated AFOs, uses a gait trainer (converted into a walker), and just recently had a botox treatment. I am so in need of a resource, or mabey just a parent who can relate. You seem very educated about Elana's needs, and therapies, and I would love to ask you a few questions. I realize that Dalton has so much potential and I am so limited on resources. Were there any motor toys that Elana benefited from at Dalton's age? You can read about Dalton's story at or email is

Thanks!! have an adorable little girl.