Sunday, September 19, 2010

PT Recap: Balance and Ramps

Last week E was at PT, doing her thing. There is a PT intern working with Theresa. E loves Becky.

Trying to work the ramp with her AFOs and shoes on:

Trying the ramp with her sneakers sans AFOs:

Even though there might not seem to be a different going on in these ramp videos, what's different here is that E is initiating her movements well. This is paying off in real life, as E can now put her feet up a step with more confidence (without a handhold or crutches) but does not do the weight transfer yet. One piece at a time, I guess.

Working on balance, with a balloon--note her hand position when trying to bat at the balloon. This is common with kids like Elena--the act of flexing your palm "up" is akin to the same movement in her feet--a movement that doesn't come natural to her. With better balance, I think she could use the palms of her hands easier.

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