Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mom Solo

Jason is gone for close to three weeks, out of the country for work. We all miss him terribly. When he's here, he's gone a lot of the time, as he's in night school until 2012--so, basically, it's The Mommy Show a lot of the time.

With him gone, it's been tougher than usual. Don't get me wrong--I have help. Friends, occasionally my parents, and of course our Fantastic Nanny Annette. But I am more tired than usual--E's appointment schedule, my appointment schedule, my work, and other stuff is *ahem* a challenge right now.

But's all worth it. We made this video last night to send to Daddy.

Yup. Those are my girls. Both in bunny slippers, and bare feet. YUP. BOTH OF THEM!!


carol said...

Wow Amy - that's GREAT!!!!
And the workout at the gym with Jimmy is so creative. She's having so much fun. Just love her little giggle.

Earl's Nonnie

GingerB said...

Yay for sisters on the move!