Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week(s) in Review

I am running out of energy these days...not sure why, but I am just tapped out at night. Things are going well--better than well, they're great! I'm just without much text, here's what's been going on lately (in no particular order).

Uncle Andy around for the weekend--and he brought his music set up. The kids had loads of fun singing and being musicians.

PT updates! E goes up a step BY HERSELF!

Bicycle "Sit Ups"--her first time quickly "physically problem solving"

Kindergarten Winter Concert: E stood up most of the time! She did GREAT!

E at mommy's work--better than ever, with cones

And she even helped me pick them up!

And Vivian looks up to E more than ever. PICS HERE


AZ Chapman said...

looks like u guys have been up to a lot of fun stuff congrat

Sherry said...

I love your new cover pic.