Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PT Recap: Same stuff, with progress

Here's some new vids of E at PT:

Obstacle Course: E needs to take small, controlled steps and then go uphill.

Obstacle Course: Down steps (going for step-through), and slalom.

Moving Backwards: Real progress here!

Walking on Mats/Stop: Controlled stepping over uneven surfaces and co-contraction to stop.

Even Hips: We're trying to get Elena to equalize her hip stance when standing or walking. Here she needs to lift up the hip/leg that isn't on the platform.

Stepping Backwards: Using a ball helps stabilize E, but also helps her realize to stand up tall while moving backwards (otherwise the ball is left behind).

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Amy said...

Wow! Sorry this will be long, but I was excited by this post. Though I was amazed by all the videos,I was particularly impressed with the last two: even hips and stepping backwards--just because I know how difficult those tasks are. Emma has some hip issues. Currently, bearing weight more on her left leg, with some turning in of the right leg, (which seems to make the right leg slightly shorter, with some arguable points lending toward subluxation, but not exactly, depending on who looks at it) seems to be our current status in regards to the pelvic area. So, with all that said, I am very attuned to hip action in kids with CP. I am impressed with Elena's balance, strength and ability to alternate rather easily. I can also see that so much of her amazing movement can also be attributed to high cognition. Her motor intelligence and planning are really very good--what a little smarty.

Go Elena!