Monday, November 28, 2011

Swimming "Graduation"

I managed to get Elena an intensive aquatherapy session. 2x week for approximately 8 weeks. My intention was to prepare Elena to handle a group swim lesson. I'm not sure if she is ready for that--but she is definitely ready for private lessons, should that be a better bridge to a group swim lesson!

10 hops in the water: apparently, this is a milestone for independence in the water.

E uses buoys to swim. Her kick is very good here, better than when her hands are free.

Elena guides herself through a small hoop under water!

Independent swimming! WOW!!! She is using foot fins here. She doesn't have the best kick (she kicks like she is crawling)--but with the fins, it is enough force for her to move through the water. WOW!!

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Amy said...

That was pretty darn impressive! I loved the swimming through the ring hoops and the independent swimming especially. Elena can do so many awesome things. Emma has trouble keeping her mouth closed out of the water, so it is even more challenging underwater. She drinks a lot of pool, so the only thing we have mastered or semi-mastered is swimming on her back. Basically, she floats and kicks her legs a bit, but she tips sideways which freaks her out. Emma gets so disoriented in the water but she loves. I pray one day that she can do the things that Elena can already do. I cannot wait to show Emma these. She loves to watch kids her age swim and do cool things. She will love this.