Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Eye Update

We just had our yearly ("big") checkup with Dr. P, Elena's pediatric opthamologist. WE LOVE DR. P. I cannot stress that enough--he is the epitome of a gracious, respectful, patient, knowledgeable, conscientious--all around EXCELLENT doctor.

For those of you who don't know (or started following us late), E had congenital strabismus; her first eye surgery was around 8 months (I forgot exactly) of age, with a doctor in-town. After her follow-up, I switched doctors to Dr. P. She has had two subsequent surgeries (her official diagnosis is (infant) esotropia), with the hope that she would use both eyes together, and hopefully, with depth perception.

Today is a great day!

After a 3-hr appointment, it's official: Elena has excellent vision (with corrective lenses). In the past, the prognosis was that Elena had two healthy eyes that may or may not be able to work together. Today, the word is that Elena not only has two healthy eyes (she does have a corrective prescription for astigmatism), but these two eyes DO work together, AND she has depth perception.

The biggest issue is her eyes do NOT work together all the time; when she is sick, or tired, it's obvious that her eyes drift. One more than the other (I forgot which), but they both do it. I can't imagine what that must be like...just tired? or headache-y? When she is wearing her glasses, and she is alert and healthy, her eyes look fine and move together.

All I care about, at this moment, is that 1) she is healthy and 2) reading is not uncomfortable for her. Since she read her book the whole way up to Dr. P's office, I assume that is not an issue.

Driving 3 hours out of your way (each way), spending the night away from home, pretty much sucks. Seeing a doctor that "gets" your kid? WORTH EVERY MINUTE.


Just the Tip said...

This is probably the same Dr. P that we see! He really is awesome. So glad you got great news!!

Sarah said...

My eyes don't work together, I think it's most of the time, but especially when I'm tired. It doesn't bother me very much. Headaches are rare, but are easily fixed with a night's sleep. I can feel my eyes drift more but the biggest issue I have is book font. If it's too dark, small & close together things blur.

Amy said...

That's great. Emma has the same strabismus issue, as do I. Emma is also astigmatic. I can relate to Sarah because I can feel my right eye drift when I am sick and tired. My glasses keep it in correction though. Both of Emma's eyes drift too, same way, when she is tired or sick. Sometimes the glasses fix it all the way for her; other times not so much. Yet, she got a great checkup in Decemeber just like Elena. Emma's vision is now nearly perfect with her glasses, so I totally understand the elation that you feel right now! It is such a huge relief!!

I am so happy for you and Elena. While this strabismus thing seems aggravating, it honestly has not impacted my life that much. I am noticing it more now as I am looking at 40, that age when many folks start needing reading glasses anyway. However, I read all the time, and I love it. I was a very good student too, so it didn't affect me academically either. So, I think Elena will adapt just fine. Go Elena! Congratulations on this wonderful news!