Tuesday, May 15, 2012

IEP Time

I know a lot of parents are very apprehensive of IEP season. I've been there...but not lately. Elena's educators seem to anticipate my every move. They are incredible.

SO--in case this helps anyone else out there, here is a condensed version of E's IEP.

Elena is in mainstream first grade, with what I consider an exceptional teacher. Mr. M is calm, patient, and allows/facilitates the kids to try to creatively solve their own problems--whether they be academic, personal, social, or physical. He follows curriculum and teaches them critical thinking, which in my opinion seems to be buckling in many classrooms under the pressure of standardized testing.

All parties believe that Elena is capable of participating in all activities in the general education setting. The focus of her IEP stresses "access to the curriculum" due to orthopedic impairment. Her goals relate to keeping physical pace with her classmates--transport within and between classrooms, using utensils (eating, writing, cutting, etc.), getting seated, staying focused, etc.

Elena's needs involve adult guarding for safety when navigating steps and appropriate accommodations during physical education, playground, and transitions to address her balance and mobility issues. As she gets older and more capable, she needs less help, and is nearing independence for most of the school day. Stairs, carrying, physical education and recess continue to be the areas of greatest need.

The following adaptations/modifications are required by her IEP:

1. Adaptive seating (cube chair for circle time, chair with foot support for classroom and lunchroom (tables are higher in some rooms).
2. Assistance to have her shoes/braces repositioned as needed.
3. Close proximal monitoring for transitions in/out of chairs/stroller/wheelchair as needed.
4. Extra time for transitions.
5. Guidance or assistance carrying items, managing clothes and equipment.
6. Individualized support for safety for all transitions outside of the classroom (including bus dismissal and arrival).
7. Physical support, adaptations and monitoring for access to PE curriculum.8. Stroller or wheelchair available for extensive transitions.

IEP goals for Elena in the upcoming year:

1. With support (hands held or wall) E will demonstrate a jump and landing without falling at least five times in a 30 minute period.
2. Elena will ambulate up and down 8 steps with one handrail and an adult for stand by assist keeping pace with her peers moving in the hallway.
3. Elena will consistently ambulate in the classroom without her loftstrand crutches demonstrating adequate deceleration and balance.
4. Elena will ambulate to/from lower playground safely with her loftstrand crutches and access climbing playground structure and slide with stand by assistance within a regular recess period.
5. Elena will transition from a seated position on the floor by half kneel to stand with hand support.

AND, if that wasn't enough, E's current first grade teacher will be "looping" with her class--meaning, he will be her second grade teacher as well. I am really looking forward to this arrangement!

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Sue Styles said...

Thanks, Amy, for your whole blog but for this post in particular. My son doesn't have CP, although for a while we thought he might have because of his ataxia, hypotonia, and motor planning difficulties. It helps to see what kind of specific wording is used for accommodations, and to see that another school district has found them reasonable. My son is also in general ed 100% of the time but needs some physical accommodations. We currently don't have "extra time" in there, but I like that one.
Thanks again - Sue