Saturday, June 2, 2012


*I wrote this on the eve of E's birthday, but now it's out of order b/c Blogger had a facelift since my first draft.*

April 30th, 2012

Dear Elena,

Today you are Seven years old.  I can't believe how much you have changed!  Your features are more grown-up, you are a fantastic reader, and the best big sister EVER.  

Notice Anything Different?

New Ears

New Smile

You chose "Under the Sea" as the theme for your birthday party.  It started off with a collaborative painting, with potato stamps and paint colors that you helped mix!

The Masterpiece

We started with "Goldfish Says"--a version of Simon Says. Then I showed a little movie of life under the sea, and everyone yelled out animals they recognized.  I also showed some examples of ocean camouflage, including an amazing octopus!  After that everyone enjoyed some pizza, and then we started our featured game...Sardines!

Sardines is a game of hind-and-find.  The Sardine hides, and everyone tries individually to find them--silently and independently.  When someone finds the Sardine, they hide with them, until everyone is packed in the hiding place.  We played it throughout the house.  This is a big deal this year because you can navigate the whole house by yourself--we are so very proud of you!  Everyone loved the game!  After that we enjoyed mini Ocean Blue cupcakes.

Elena, you are still the hardest working kid I know.  You apply yourself in school, you are hard-working in therapy (even though you get frustrated with yourself), you are courteous at home (most of the time--you are seven, after all).  You constantly amaze us with your progress, your humor, your writings, and your stories.  We love you always, in all ways.  You asked us for something special as a birthday gift.  Daddy and I know you are ready for this responsibility.


Happy Birthday Doodle!

Mommy, Daddy, and Vivian

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