Friday, November 23, 2012

Halloween recap (overdue)

Well, I lost track of time and then had a hard time locating my camera--but here it is! Rather than influence the kids' costumes this year, I gave them "free choice". Vivian had a hard time deciding between Spider-Man and a Cheeseburger. Finally she chose Spider-man. As soon as Elena heard that, she decided to be Dr. Octopus (from the 1960s cartoons).

The Inspiration
The Duo

We had a busy Halloween day planned...we were going to a neighborhood party immediately when Jason and I got home from work. It was very cold, but we figured we'd be back home to layer clothing under costumes and then trick-or-treating.

 Well...SURPRISE! We found out on arrival that the party was outside. Still, the kids had a great time running around, getting excited about candy, and seeing neighborhood friends. Then, E and Viv decided to go trick or treating with some friends--starting from the party (at the neighborhood clubhouse). This meant that I left Jason with the car and walked home, since I figured he would do a loop with the kids and then drive back.

SURPRISE AGAIN. I was stunned as Jason kept texting me--the kids were going strong, Elena was doing all the walking, and she had decided to trick-or-treat all the way home. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL. Our neighborhood is extremely hilly, and does not have streetlights or sidewalks. It was cold, the kids were not dressed very warmly, and I'm not even sure Jason had a flashlight (because our original plan was to come home first). Last year, Elena went to maybe 12 houses. It was very cold last year also, and we had agreed she could stay out as long as she was not expecting to get carried. This year, she doubled that, at least. She probably walked about a mile (counting to and from houses along the street), was cold, and ended the night up our hilly street, including going up our front steps, by herself. I was AMAZED! She was happy, very proud of herself, as she and Vivian rung our doorbell to surprise me with their last Trick-or-Treat of the night!


Just the Tip said...

They look so cute!
I find it hard not to influence and turned down most gender inappropriate costumes for P this year.
Was it hard for you to let them dress up as something not typically girly?
I wanted so badly for the girls to match but i let it go and it wasn't easy but they still had fun!
And way to go E!!!!!! Woot Woot!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that E walked that far! What a great Halloween. My trick or treating was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy this year but I am so glad your girls had Halloween.

Anonymous said...

I see no problem with your girls being allowed to wear costumes that are not typically "for girls." Who cares? Why should we limit girls to dreaming of becoming princesses when they can be anything-- including superheroes? Your girls are awesome. Continue allowing them to be that way!