Saturday, February 16, 2013

We're back from Disney World!

We're back from a great vacation to Disney World.  This was the first time I got to enjoy the parks (technically was there when I was three--I only remember a teetering head and "It's a Small World"), but Jason has been before and his parents LOVE IT.  Nana and PopPop are Disney experts, and they made this trip possible.

We got to the airport on a cold morning.  Elena and Vivian both walked through the airport--both of them, actually, until we got on the bus to take us to the Animal Kingdom hotel.  It was a significant distance--walking through both airports--and then we took transportation to the Magic Kingdom and walked around more.  Jason and I were pretty astounded that E lasted that long!  Both kids slept hard and fast that night.

The next day, we rented a double stroller (for the week).  I had heard they were bigger than large double strollers/joggers (we have an old Schwinn double jogger, and E's pretty big in it).  Viv wanted to ride.  Elena didn't.

So she didn't.

She walked at least two and a half miles that day.  I am not joking.

The next day, she walked at least three and a half miles.  I know b/c we brought a pedometer.

She spent more time out of the stroller than Vivian.  I never expected that.

Oh yeah--the Disney highlights!  It is very late, so these are in no particular order...

Before their swordfight in "Norway" at Epcot

In Epcot playing Power City

After getting princess-ified (all their own choices of course)

Dining at Chef Mickey's

Ariel visited us at dinner

E finds a crutch companion in Animal Kingdom's "Leaf Lady"

Dining at Chef Mickey's

Outside the Aquarium before dinner

Princesses at night

Finding a pearl in "Japan" at Epcot

Viv conks out...E is so nice to be her pillow

Viv becomes part of the Lion King show at Animal Kingdom!  E was shy and decided to stay with me.

Drumming at Animal Kingdom's "Africa"

Disney World

Five days in, E got sick.  I'm not sure what happened...none of the rest of us got sick.  It wasn't something she ate...could be a virus?  I wondered if it was because of dehydration, but we kept her hydrated specifically to prevent constipation issues (which has happened in the past).  I wondered if all her walking left her so exhausted that she got sick?  I just think it is odd that if she picked up a virus, none of the rest of us got it--we had been sharing drinks since before the trip started.  In all seriousness, does anyone out there know if there is a link between CP, lots of physical exertion, sun/heat exposure (no sunburn), and illness?  I tried to encourage rest, eating good food, and rides in the stroller--which she was not keen on most of the time.  She never complained of soreness, and her gait actually looked pretty good until right before she started looking ill.

We managed to get out of the hotel on our last day.  I had E ride in the stroller most of the time, and between transports I carried her.  She walked some in the airports on the way back from Disney.  We are home, but she still isn't 100% better, but we're getting there.


Amy said...

Great photos! Looks like a great time! I am a bit envious. We loved EPCOT. I took the same photo of Emma in the Viking helmet at the Norway Pavilion. Too cute!

nicole portwood said...

Hey Amy. I was at Disney on the 9TH. I actually saw you guts for a sec. You and the girls were walking in line to see the princesses. I was in line with my 2 year to see Mickey. I was going to wait to say hi but she got sick while we were in line. First trip to disney for her, never been sick before and throws up right before meeting Mickey :( I wish i could of said hello. Glad you guys had fun. E looked great walking well running when i saw her!

Anonymous said...

I got sick once after walking to the point of being overly tired. I was only 2 years older than E. I thought I picked it up from someone. Later someone told me people with disabilities have lower immunity than able bodied so they get sick if they over do certain physical things. Not sure if this is the case with E. She probably picked up a virus from Disney since there are a lot of tiny kids there who probably don't wash their hands.

Tara said...

I am in tears. I am so glad I found your blog. I am mommy to Bryn and at 20 weeks old we are facing CP with her and we have just begun our journey, her journey. Tomorrow we are heading to the Magic Kingdom, just may be a glimpse into her future reading this and seeing Picts.