Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Perfect Polo Sunday

Every Sunday from Memorial Day until Labor Day (weather permitting), there is a free polo match at the beautiful King Family Vineyards.  People come from all over, bring picnics, drink wine, see family and friends, and watch the match in a gorgeous field just below the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We love coming here.  We've seen Elena become more independent, as there are no hand holds in this giant field. We bring activities for the kids, and invite other children to join us.

The horses frequently come quite close, even jumping the fence, as they play.  Apparently that was not exciting enough for Vivian.

A ribbon is all you need
View a the Polo Grounds

Vivian was hot.  After cooling off with this fan, she was drenched.

We enjoyed our picnic lunch, and between chukkers, walked onto the field for playtime.  We brought a frisbee this time--one of my year's goals was to have Elena catch a frisbee (ideally, 'on the fly').  This was her first time trying it, and she really impressed us!

I put a few more videos on her YouTube page.  Some great stops here on the grass!  Super proud of E--especially since she's had trouble stopping since our "time off" during our Beach Vacation (it's taken her approximately three weeks to get back to her 'pre-vacation' stability).  Looking good, girl!

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