Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday Doodle!

Elena turned 9 years old April 30th.

NINE.  She is definitely growing up, my girl.

We did not have a party.  April was way too busy. Tutoring, test prep (SOLs), spring break, therapies, homework.  We (all of us) decided to postpone Elena's birthday party until next month (this month, May.  I'm late posting this).

Dear Elena,

Happy, happy, happy birthday my darling.  We have learned a lot together this year.  You love school, your friends, being outside, being active...even though you--and everyone around you--know this is a little different for you.  And it's fine.  With everyone. 

You picked a pretty grown-up restaurant for your birthday dinner.  You still love olives, don't like oysters-on-the-half-shell (neither do I!), enjoy trying new foods,  and love a good soda drink.

You love singing, art, and playing outside (which is newly independent for you).  You love school and your friends.  We (your family) are your biggest cheerleaders.  Your favorite colors are still pink, purple, and orange.  You love to read and "work out".   Your favorite subjects in school (in order, I think) are Music, Art, PE, and everything else.  You love electronics and swings, biking and iPad, American Girl and helping Mom.

I won't lie.  You are a high-maintenance kid.  And worth every minute, girl.  We love every thing, and everything, about you.

We love you always, and in all ways,

Mommy and Daddy and Vivian


TheCzarsOf45 said...

The best things in life are high maintenance and rewarding, E included. She has also taught you more than you dreamed of, including her surviving when people likely thought otherwise. And she's taught you patience, believing in what you can do instead of what you can't and movement, grace, and her innate toughness. She amazes all she comes in contact with.

Margot said...

Happy Birthday Elena!!!!