Monday, June 30, 2014

Baltimore Aquarium

I have been wanting to take the kids to this aquarium for over a year.

So we finally went!  Mid-week, and my dad came with us.  I meant to take Elena's wheelchair with us--but an hour into the drive, I realize I forgot it.  They have a few they lend out, so we grabbed one.  I wasn't sure if we'd need it.  I know Elena can (at least, in the past) walk for miles--but since she's been so crouchy lately, and there's not a lot of seating inside, I wanted to have one.  It was a good decision.

Big Teeth

Elena was excited to take pictures, so she wore her Adventure Vest.  There was a lot of walking, but not too much at once.  The aquarium wasn't too crowded, and people were polite (especially the staff).


Vivian really wanted to see a puffin and a lion fish (double check!) and Elena really wanted to see sharks, jellyfish, and dolphins (triple check!).  My favorite part was the little fat jellyfish tank--so soothing and relaxing.

Viv shared the wheelchair

There was also a little play area for kids.  We found it at the end of our almost five-hour visit.  Both Elena and Vivian found some extra energy to be creative.

Puppet show!

Proud puppeteers

Turtle Vivian trying to snack on Jellyfish Elena

Post-Aquarium Ice Cream

 Big thanks to Grandpa for being on wheelchair duty; the biggest hurdle was fighting foot traffic to get back to the elevator on each floor.  Overall I feel like Baltimore Aquarium is pretty wheelchair friendly, provided you go on a day that isn't overcrowded.  We went on a Tuesday, and public school was (I think) still in session (their year went late b/c of snow days).   We had a great time!

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Just the Tip said...

Ahh. We are going tomorrow. I know they have stroller rules but we didn't eat want to take Peytons wheelchair. Morgan can't really walk that much either. The fun of planning mobility for a trip. Argh.