Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Super Summer Recap

We have had a very busy summer.  It's been my first summer being home, and I have loved it.  These pictures are in semi-chronological order...except the Pony Show was in the Spring.  I was hoping to get permission to post a few cute closeup group shots, but I never had the chance to talk to all the kids' parents.  

Pony Show

(Did I already post this?) E and Viv were part of the Pony Show at Fairhunt Farm.  The girls were patient, but it was a very long wait; all the older riders went first, is that typical for a pony show?  Vivian was in the Lead Line/Hunter Pleasure category.  

Vivian riding
Blue Ribbon!

Elena was in the beginner Walk/Trot category.  She was excited, but not super excited to be on Teacup; she can be a feisty pony.  She had a leader and a side walker, both extremely helpful and kind girls.  

Smiling for the judges
White Ribbon!

Blueberry Picking at Grelen

The family went picking at an absolutely gorgeous farm.  We harvested blueberries and black raspberries!  The farm is relatively small, and pretty accessible for Elena.

What a view!


We visited the Richmond Maymont Estate with some friends.  It is pretty expansive, so we brought Elena's wheelchair.  She used it about a third of the time--it was pretty hot and she was thankful for the ride (as was Vivian).

Some of the garden walkways are very steep and uneven

E at the Bear Pen

Simply Gorgeous

Fourth of July

We went for a walk the morning of the Fourth.

Fourth Cuties!

After resting, we went to the neighborhood pool party.  E and Viv had a great time swimming and playing with friends.  We stayed up for fireworks at a different friend's house.

Sparkler Girls

We got a double-dose of Fourth action the following day, where there was a weekend celebration in Crozet.  We hung out with our friends the Rs, enjoying dinner, a great parade, and community fireworks that were set off right outside their house.  Can't beat the view from their front porch!

E sparklers

Viv sparklers

Swimming at the Lake

We went to visit our friends the Andersons for a lake swim!  It was such a great time with good friends!  We did some kayaking too, but everyone preferred to swim b/c it was a hot day.

E gives Viv a ride

E and Avery

Snack Pile

Finally captured a Rainbow!

We make a pretty big seasonal "bucket list", and one of them was to see a rainbow.  Every time it rained during the day we would look for one, and we finally found one.

Rainbow Girls
Beautiful Afternoon

Overall we've spent our 'home' portion of summer swimming, exercising, stretching, playing with friends, and enjoying our community.  It's been fantastic!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome!!!! Elena looks beautiful in the pony show and in that blue and yellow dress. I notice when she stands still her knees turn in but when she sits with the sparklers her knees are nice and even so I believe she has the ability to learn to stand without her legs turning in. That being said the turning in is not that bad. She just needs a good way to consciously turn her legs out. I'm glad you are enjoying being a stay-at-home mom. Being a stay-at-home mom and having a stay-at-home is wonderful and a once in a life time thing. Savor it!