Monday, October 13, 2014

Welcome to 4th grade AND Kindergarten!

Here are my girls on their first day of school!

Elena, Fourth Grade

Vivian, Kindergarten (Elena's 2nd day of 4th grade) 

And since the school year is already underway, we've had lots of great experiences.  Vivian is doing very well in Kindergarten, and loves every day of school.  Elena loves seeing familiar friends, and is doing well socially and academically--this is a big deal, b/c in third grade she seemed to struggle with the material (especially math).  Elena's educators (teachers, aide(s), PT, other support staff at school) are so wonderful and do everything they can to help E be involved, having fun, and moving her best.  Her classmates--and the student body in general--are fantastic.  

River hunting at her first field trip! 

Checking out river creatures to see if the water is healthy

Vivian's first field trip to the Apple Orchard!

 Overall we are doing well with the school schedule.  Both girls go to bed early on school nights.  We've structured the day after school as to stress playtime/downtime immediately after school, then homework (usually it doesn't take Elena too long!), dinner, optional more homework/playtime, then bedtime ritual (stretches) and reading. It's working well, but with extracurricular activities, time can be a struggle.

By extracurricular activities--I mean school-sponsored afterschool classes.  I normally give each kid a choice of one class--this year, both girls picked Cooking (the classes last 6 weeks and vary quite a bit; E's first class was Chess in 2nd grade).  Then, Elena decided to join Drama club.  That's another post.

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Amy said...

The girls are so beautiful! Elena is getting so grownup. I love these new posts.

Margot said...

I just entered college and the accessibility office at the college told me that they did a study on people with spastic diplegia in like 2010 and the findings indicated issues with proprioception and spatial orientation in people with CP make math quite difficult but there are accommodations in grade school, high school and college that can help E.