Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Late Summer Round Up

I realized I didn't get around to posting these...

Albemarle Ciderworks

We had the chance to celebrate late summer with some friends at a local cidery. They have live folk music, and we enjoyed the early evening with a picnic dinner while the kids ran around the field (lots of other families were doing the same). We saw a child with what looked like a large leaf--and explored the nearby pond...which was full of giant lily pads!

Crazy on the dock
Lily Cape!

Lily Hat
Lily Umbrellas
Viv's Lily Nap

The kids loved them so much I let them bring the lily pads home and we kept them in the bathtub. They enjoyed bringing them to school to share!

Crabtree Falls

It was so beautiful outside, we tried to find a short hike. We drove through the mountains and found a short (but very steep!!) location. It had a trail, but sometimes you had to hike over serious rocks (harder for me than Elena). There were tons of stairs near the waterfall, but still very treacherous. We made it 2/3 of the way to the top, and decided that was enough.

Going Down

So happy

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