Thursday, May 24, 2018

Today is The Day!

I'll have to do a recap later on things in the "next up" sidebar; today is the day we have been working towards ALL YEAR.

Elena is in the elite women's chorus; they put on an amazing end-of-year concert, one day only. It's called The Rock Show, and they have professional lighting, a warm-up band, one costume change, and a end of year ceremony. We went last year as spectators, to see what prep Elena would have to do if she made it this year.

Besides an intensive rehearsal schedule, Elena has other things she's been working on: how to physically prepare herself for the 45+ minute performance, posture, stability on stage (close call in during the Toronto performance, I'll write about it later), dress, navigation, etc.


I promise I will take pictures and be able to post them!

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Margot Cole said...

Looking forward to hearing more!