Sunday, January 21, 2018


Seizures have become an almost nightly occurrence. Hypersalivation, face frozen, choking sounds, gurgling, waking from sleep, scared. Lasting anywhere from ten seconds to almost three minutes, sometimes more than once a night. It's scary, and complicated, and I'll write more about it later. Needless to say we've all been busy around here. I know a little about seizures, given my connection to the CP community. I've even seen a few, but they weren't like these. 

And it's not what you think. It's not Elena. 

It's Vivian.

This week she was diagnosed with focal epilepsy. More tests are coming, and more information. 

Right now, we are managing okay. I've had some tough days here, a lot of sleepless nights, but today at least, I'm feeling like the bring-it-on, tough-as-nails, steeled-Mom that I know I can be. But if you know about seizure medication (she started Keppra, and we were given Diastat as emergency medication), or about seizures that have common elements to Vivian's (she is 9; no current known triggers after her first EEG; not expected to happen during the daytime) I'd love to know more about your experience if you'd like to share.