Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Having Elena home was mostly great. The first night home was our first night without monitors, and I was so nervous she’d stop breathing Jason and I took shifts to watch her (Jason, for the record, was not nervous, but we did stay up to give me peace of mind). During feedings she tended to be “sleepy” and I had to pinch her a couple of times to make sure she was okay. I asked her pediatrician if I was overreacting, and he said ABSOLUTELY NOT. We thought Elena was a good baby, as she hardly ever cried. She was so tiny in her big huge crib, and her preemie clothes—it was hard to imagine she would ever grow out of anything.
The worst thing about her coming home was I only had a week left of my maternity leave. I fought hard for extra time, and they gave me 2 more weeks. I was pretty angry about it. Since she had come early, we hadn’t gotten daycare figured out, and she was on my insurance, and I had planned on keeping my job. We got The Grandparents to fill in after I went back to work, and eventually we got a spot in a daycare we liked.

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