Tuesday, August 12, 2008


During her 4th hospital week, she was transferred to the Transitional Nursery—still technically part of the NICU, but basically a place for babies to bulk up and get ready to come home. We learned to give Elena a bath, and started her bottle feeding, with little success. Elena did not have much strength to suck. This did improve, and eventually she could breastfeed, but poorly. Putting weight on seemed to take forever, and she’d still have apnea and bradycardias. We had to wait 9 days without any As and Bs before we could go home, and she had to weigh close to 5 lbs.
2 days before she was ready to come home, she had an “episode”. I can’t really remember if it was an A or B, but I definitely remember the nurse not thinking it was anything, and me thinking “PLEASE don’t send her home if she’s not ready!”. I was extremely nervous about the homecoming. Jason was ecstatic.

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