Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 3

In my mind, I figured Day Three would be our turnaround day. It was, in a way. We left the PICU late last night (Elena didn't need intensive care yesterday; the main pediatric ward was full). This morning, Elena had more of an appetite and was in much better spirits. She is able to sit up a little more, and can enjoy playing with both hands in a recline sitting position.

PT came in the late morning and stood E up again, this time with her feet on the floor. She stood up better today, willing to bear more weight on her feet than yesterday. The floor is also hard and cold, but she didn't seem to mind the different texture on her feet. She also complained of her feet being cold, and now wears socks willingly (before she didn't want anything touching her feet). We have a PROM regimen, supposed to be 5 times daily, and we can give slight pressure against resistance. INSERT PROM/MOVEMENT RULES (I had to give my copy to E as drawing paper today)

The rest of the day was not as great as the morning...the PICU is a place of quiet solitude compared to the main ward. Everything there is *loud*. E hasn't slept much since the procedure, and she didn't sleep at all today. We were supposed to do another standing drill, but E was very uncooperative so it was very short. After that we put her in her wheelchair (sitting regimen, supposed to do 1-2 hours per day) but she was very upset with it, and said she was nauseaous, so that was cut short today. Hopefully tonight she will rest well, and tomorrow she will eat well.


Chris said...

Thanks for the updates on Elena - It's good to see her smiling in the photo despite all that she has been through. She's one tough kid!

We're praying daily for a speedy recovery from the surgery and for you and Jason.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear Elena is making progress. I love the picture with your dad. We are thinking about you guys. Please tell Jason hello for me.