Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Surprises at Home

Yesterday was Elena's first full day at home. She slept better last night than in the hospital, but she has separation anxiety from Jason, as he was on night duty at the hospital. I'm sure that will get better. It sure makes tired parents. Thank God we have Annette.
When I got home from work (early early shift--YUCK) I put Elena's AFOs on for the first time (with her shoes also). I'll post a pic later today. She didn't fight, squirm, or complain when I put them on. I do think wearing them gives her more confidence. I also think they feel rather heavy on her feet. I just had her wear them on our trip to the library, where she was in her stroller the whole time.
She wore them until we took them off after lunch, so maybe 2 hours. No complaints.

After E woke up from her nap, we did standing drills. She was less resistant to putting her heels down, and even helped stand up out of her chair, bearing weight on her hands and feet to do so. We did drills for 20 minutes while we played Littlest Pet Shop.

Before dinner, she threw a football all around the first floor and crawled to chase it. She didn't complain about her sitting (w-sit) or crawling, she was too busy laughing the whole time.

Later on that day, Elena wanted to do her treadmill. We put her shoes on again. While we were waiting, she stood up out of her chair, holding onto her dresser with one hand, and then started cruising along the dresser--for a few steps, then she looked at me like she was uncomfortable. I sat her down again after that for a few minutes. She took about 5 steps on the treadmill (with Jason holding most of her weight) and then said she was finished.

I certainly didn't expect her to stand up today or cruise at all on her own. YAY!

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Alli said...

I have your blog on my rss feeds now and am so glad to hear about Elena's progress first hand. I know you have a long painful road ahead, but am thrilled to hear of the surgery's success.
Alli & Wischer boys