Monday, April 20, 2009

Major Walking Update!

On Friday, April 17th, E had her normal PT at school. Her regular PT also attended, so there were two of them working with E that day. I was told by her teacher that E walked 24 steps! That's a new record!

Later that day, I joined the class for a field trip to The Park at UVA. It's a big gated field area, with my new favorite surface, Astroturf. It's flat enough for E to walk on, but textured enough to be challenging, and soft enough for E to have good confidence to try independent walking. She walked several stretches of 6-10 feet!

And yesterday (Sunday, April 19th) E came to the soccer field and walked on grass several times, 3-4 feet at a time--one time even kicking her soccer ball without help (I was behind her to catch her after her kick).

I hesitate to say "we're getting close"...b/c I've felt E's been close to walking for over a year. Still, she's never looked better, and she's improving in movement and CONFIDENCE every day!

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