Monday, April 20, 2009

More ideas for external knee rotation

At our regular PT appointment, Theresa tried to get Elena to "push her knee out" during sit-to-stand. We are looking for a good voice far this cue is working just okay. She can "push" her knee "out" during sitting, but as soon as she engages to stand, it caves in again.

Here is T trying to show E how to keep her knee out while going down to the mat.

Same position, passive play: have E sit on a low stool, while engaging her in an activity that keeps her knees over her heels.

As always, trying to get E aware of shifting her weight to her right leg (should be easier when she can put her heel fully flat, which we are working on using the Stander and stretching).

More leg lifts

Overall, E is getting stronger. And more-strong willed...this past week she has been more vocal than ever that she doesn't want to do the drill anymore, that "she's trying but she can't do it", or she wants to be "done". That can be hard on a parent/caregiver/therapist...but I know all of this is making a huge difference.

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