Sunday, December 13, 2009

PT Recap: Post-CME workshop

A couple of weeks ago we started our post-CME course regimen. Theresa did some of the new exercises she learned at the training course. She needed a spotter for some of them, so I didn't get them filmed. Here is one, where she is working on core strength and E's righting reflex (she does both sides; only one side shown here).

E also did some of the other exercises previously shown, with Simona as E's operator. E wasn't particulary cooperative, but it's relatively new to her so she's still not thrilled about the feeling of people holding on to her ankles while she exercises.

I also got a regimen to do at home, but I'd rather show them while we're filming at home. We haven't had much practice, b/c E got really sick for a week (and then I got sick too).

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