Sunday, December 13, 2009

Welcome Winter!

The winter season is upon us! Recently, we got a good snow here. In previous years, this spelled disaster for us, b/c E was not very mobile and snow was impossible terrain for her. Sledding was really difficult too, b/c she had issues staying upright on a sled (oh, and we don't have our own yet). It was a lot of us trying (and failing) to entertain her in the snow, when she really wanted to be doing what the other kids were doing. Last year it was heartbreaking.

But THIS year, things are DIFFERENT! E has been so excited about snow. The minute she saw it coming down, she wanted to make a snowman! I had bought her a new that morning, she and daddy set out on their mission.

I give you E's First Snowman!

She even rolled the ball for the head herself. Then she and Daddy made snow angels.

We also went to a little festival welcoming the Christmas season at a local shopping square (previous week). They had some dancers from the Charlottesville Ballet, who danced some scenes from the Nutcracker. E loves that music, so seeing REAL ballerinas was a great treat. It was pretty cold that night too...tough to be in a tutu and tights, brrr!

And of course, she was excited to see Santa!


Mo said...

Nice Snowman Elena!!

;0) Mo and Oia

Cary said...

Great post! I needed this post. Ben is only 2...but snow is impossible for him. He can w-sit really well indoors but not outside. Not even in just a few inches on our back deck. Glad to see Elena playing in the snow.