Monday, March 8, 2010

Arch Supports

One of my issues with E wearing her sneakers (sans AFOs) is that I worry about rockering/lack of arch in her foot leading to instability (pronation, rockering, knee caving in, hips, etc). So I asked her orthotist if she could get arch supports to help this. He was willing to make them (insurance covered them, after some fancy wording from our orthopaedist) but he wasn't sure they would really help/make a difference. Still, he said they wouldn't hurt.

E's arch supports are two levels of support; our orthotist doesn't like to skip steps, but in E's case he felt he had to. They have a soft support on top of a hard plastic support. There are further levels of stiffness, which we may need. We'll have to see what our PTs have to say after using them for a while.

(pic to be added tomorrow)

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