Monday, March 15, 2010

PT Recap: Obstacle Courses

E has been doing a mash-up of CME exercises at PT, rather than just one at a time. For instance, if she will be walking over boxes, instead of placing her on them, she'll start on the floor and have to step up (or down). This has definitely improved her ability to go down steps (she's been going up them well for some time now--with one hand held and one on the rail).

Here is E at PT last week.

E really didn't feel like doing much CME...she'd rather play with the swing on the mat. So we tried to get her to move to it herself. This is a big deal, b/c it involves her stopping, starting, walking, and stepping up in a controlled manner where she doesn't have the support of her AFOs.

It occured to me yesterday that this post contains clips that E has done before, with her AFOs. Each of those clips took FOREVER for E to do, months--years--of training. She's only been working without her AFOs since November. Her progress is incredible. In our experience, this CME therapy has been amazing!

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