Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Barefoot and Standing--Standing UP, that is!

We do "frog poses" every night as our last stretch before bedtime; the intention is that E feel her weight shift to her feet, and try to get her feet flat on the ground. She can probably get her feet as flat as mine in a Frog Pose.

Then we try to stand up. Ideally without her knees coming together. We've never been successful.

Until today.

Disclaimer: we tried this 17 times. But that was E's choice! This clip is #11--she was pretty determined. I plan on mashing up those videos and putting it on The Doodle.

In a perfect world, she'll keep her knees apart, and stay standing once she's up (instead of immediately moving). But tonight? THIS IS AWESOME SAUCE.

Great job, E!

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