Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Sprayground: The Beach Walker Strikes Again!

Last year, we went to one of our local spraygrounds (sprinkler + playground) for a birthday party. It was heartbreaking. All the kids were running around like crazy, having a fantastic time, and I'm unhappily wet, holding my girl's hands, trying to have her enjoy the fun while the other moms chat and eat cake. It was a rough day.

Well, one year and one Beach Walker later, how about THIS!!

Plowing through the sprinkler

Wet Face

E and mom in "mushroom fountain"

E runs through the sprinkler

Viv is soaked

E on the fountain before it erupts

E sprayground run

V sprayground

Without the Beach Walker, E would need one or two hands held at all times. She's so stimulated, and on her toes, that I'm sure she couldn't balance upright for more than two seconds. She wouldn't be safe with her wrist crutches either, for the same reason. I don't want her to wear her AFOs, b/c she can't stand in them without shoes, and we only have one pair of shoes. Before the Beach Walker, I hesitated to use her DME (walkers, loftstrands) in wet conditions b/c I was afraid they would rust (and most were loaners), and/or they would get slippery and dangerous when wet. And NOW--I can play with both kids at once! It's a miracle!

So far, my only complaint using the Beach Walker is that if she's going down a steep-ish hill, she can't stop herself--especially in bare feet. FYI--she also used it in the mulch playground, next to the spray area (picture not shown). She has not rolled it up curbs--I think a stronger, older child might be able to.


Mo said...

We went to the same sprayground yesterday and had an 'okay' time...post casts has been quite hard. Post coming soon. BUT, so HAPPY for E and for you always finding a way to make it work.

We are the McCreary Family said...

Where on earth did you find it?! Did you make it or buy it? My son has similar gate/mobility issues. He has major problems at the beach and on the school playground because his regular walker just doesn't work in those locations. Any play time in mulch or sand means lots of work for me, and not a happy boy.