Monday, October 25, 2010

Jimmy Time: Recaps

We've been seeing Jimmy every weekend for the past four weeks.

First, Jimmy came to our house to meet E and they played soccer outside (with crutches). (No pics).

Next, we went to our favorite park and tried a new bike trail. The Fitness Trail at Pen Park advertised that it was paved and wheelchair-friendly. I assumed that meant it would also be a great tricycle trail. WRONG. That trail was ALL HILLS. Big hills, too...I have no idea how they mean "wheelchair friendly". Unless you're using a strong power chair or are training for a major wheelchair race, that trail was ridiculously difficult terrain. Paved does NOT necessarily mean handicap accessible. BUT, Jimmy was a champ, and helped E through it and tried to get her to work as best she could. (No pics--I was way behind with Vivian).

Next, we went to the trail featured in the 0.8 mile post. I wasn't sure how to recap this--my dad took the pictures and I forgot to get them off his camera. I just received them, so here they are!

I let E bring her new magnifying glass for the nature walk. Big Win.

After a day of 1) morning hippotherapy, 2) shopping errands, 3) short bike ride with Jimmy, 4) we went on a nature walk. The little trail is (I'm guessing here) 150-200 feet long, and winds a little. The following video is E's last pass--she already had gone down and back the trail twice, walking and falling and getting up along the way. The Doodle is tired--but still--LOOKING GREAT!

Seriously, I was floored by how well she was moving. Shortly after this, she was DONE. She got carried/pushed in the bike the rest of the way (which was not that long)--and then she asked if she could walk to the playground and play some more.

The following week, Jimmy came to our house and they all played Hide-and-Seek in the side yard (Jimmy often brings his two sons, Tyler and Ryan. They are fantastic with Elena). It's hard to see, but E got up in the mulch bed/grass by herself, and walked to the Cardboard Castle. Not too shabby! Elena also can walk from indoors to the Castle, including the steps, by herself (as long as she holds the side).

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