Monday, October 25, 2010

Vivian's 2nd Birthday Party

I know this blog is about Elena, but I do have another child. My little miracle Vivian, who almost was born at 28 weeks--but made it to 38, after two hospitals and several doctors threw everything they could at me. She made it. What a shock--In many ways...I'd been on the verge of giving birth for so long, that when I did go into labor, from first contraction to birth was 20 minutes...I never made it out of the house. October 30th, Viv was born in the foyer, and our Fantastic Nanny Annette just about caught her--EMS arrived right before she was actually born. It was crazy, I tell you.

Happy Birthday, my little ball of entropy. We love you to pieces.

We threw her party a week early, to try to separate it from Halloween. I made a huge castle for the kids to play in--Vivian LOVED IT. Here are Vivian's Cardboard Castle highlights--all the party kids got homemade prince/princess/etc. capes (THANKS GRANDMA & CO)!

The Castle

Birthday Princess

I start leading the Cardboard Knights

Cardboard Knights

Making a pretend Feast

Minicupcake #1

Minicupcake #2, on the run

Tired Princess

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Kat said...

Happy Birthday Little Princess! :)