Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

We love Halloween--E loves to dress up, and now that Vivian has discovered the mirror, she does too. I try to incorporate E's assistive devices into her costume...but that typically means handmade costumes. Sure, they're cute, and fun...but time isn't something I have a lot of these days. I did have a lot of coffee, though, so I managed to put E's costume together over a bunch of late nights.

We were kindly offered Viv's Bee costume (Thanks Mo!). I asked E what she wanted to go with it.

"MOM. I don't want to be a beehive--THAT'S BORING." E whines.
"Okay, can you think of anything else that goes with a bee?"
"NOT A BEEKEEPER. I won't be able to see."
"Okay, anything else?"

E starts to get excited. "How about...a bigger bee. I KNOW--a bigger bee that EATS the smaller bee!"

Well, I went on youtube and looked under "insect eating bee" and found a video. I did not preview the video first--so E and I simultaneously viewed some pretty gruesome footage of a praying mantis devouring a cute, fuzzy bumblebee. {shudder}

"THAT IS IT!" says E. Ummmm.....okay, I guess. ?

Our first party was Friday night, at the Children's Hospital Boo House. I had heard about this, but never made it in previous years. We had a great time--lots of crafts and games for kids, structured so everyone could play. Free dinner, and a trick-or-treat line with lots of UVA volunteers. Very cute and fun. E and Viv had a blast! I couldn't spend that much time taking pictures, but I have a few...

On Halloween, the girls refused to BOTH be happy and looking at the camera at the same time, but I tried...


Then, getting ready for Trick-or-Treating! We live at the top of a cul-de-sac hill. Our goal throughout the years has been for E to do the top 5 houses by herself--or as much as possible. When she used a walker, she could only do the flat parts (not very much). Last year, we had her to the driveways as much as possible, and the sidewalks up to the house doors; we pushed her in the stroller between houses. This year, she did almost all her trick-or-treating by herself! She did get carried down three steep driveways (but walked up them), and then carried home (up the hill) when she was done. But she went to at least 10 houses, as she went down the street! By herself! She only fell 3 times, and all of those were when she tried to take a shortcut through grassy areas (instead of pavement).

My Bee Vivian

E is a hungry Praying Mantis, sizing up her prey

In pursuit of candy!

Happy Halloween!


Mo said...

As always... GREAT job on the custome!! And I even noticed you carved Viv's "pear"!

Justine said...

E's costume is AWESOME. I SO wish I was crafty.

GingerB said...

LOVE the bugs!

Body Surfing The Tidal Wave said...

That mantis costume is off the charts!