Saturday, November 20, 2010

Surgery Eve

E was knew the surgery was happening. Sometimes she would get a little anxious, and tell me "Mom, I don't want to do the surgery" (normally she'd say that during stretches, if she said it at all). I told her after she was all healed after surgery, stretches would be easier than they are now. "Well, then...I want to do it." Ever the practical one.

I told E we would paint her nails (a "mani-pedi") before her surgery. What I didn't tell her was I was going to take her to a REAL salon! E was tickled.

They had "a chair with a sink". She couldn't sit on the chair, so we improvised during her "foot soak".

E getting a "sugar scrub" on her legs--smelled so good!

The Toes: Hot Pink with Pink Sparkles

Now the Manicure

The Fingers: Mermaid with Gold Sparkles

Thank you so much Madison at Moxie, for the fantastic VIP treatment! Her nails look FAB! (And all the doctors and nurses noticed--immediately!)

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