Tuesday, August 2, 2011

C-MoR weekend

This weekend, our Fantastic Nanny Annette and I took the girls to the Children's Museum of Richmond. I knew it would get crazy crowded, so we got there right when it opened. Here are some highlights.

Viv on the Dinosaur

Elena working the Apple Tree (note; she has to start walking with her right and left, respectively, in the videos below)

Going down steps in the Treehouse. She wants one hand on the railing, and one hand held; I refused to hold her hand, as the steps were relatively small. I love the way her foot is mostly straight when she goes down--that was a LONG TIME COMING!

In this vid, her hand is too high when going down the second step. She still isn't confident to move her hand to the right place each time when doing steps, up or down. She'll get there!

We broke for lunch, and came back to play for a while. The place was PACKED by that time. There were a lot of kids asking Elena questions about her crutches/braces, and staring. None were mean; actually, some were quite nice. But E got tired of the questions. She stopped answering them. At one point, we were waiting for a Magic Show to start. We were sitting on the ground, waiting patiently (unlike some other kids). One very nice boy asked Elena "what happened to your legs?", in a very nice, curious tone.


WHOAH. I mean, my eyes got huge and I sat up straighter--E's tone was FINAL. That kid has a serious tone of voice!! The boy snapped right back around, almost scared to look at us. E's response was unexpected. But, in a way, I'm really proud of her, for letting people know that sometimes, it's not okay to ask questions. I was just a little shocked, that's all.

Overall, a great day, lots of great movement, and TONS of fun!!


Amy said...

Elena looks amazing navigating those activities and stairs at the museum. I love that she could carry that big basket of apples without having to hold on to anything. That was pretty fantastic that she kept her balance while she lifted and dumped the apples.

Oh, and I love that she kind of stood up for herself there. I mean we all get tired of repetitive, nonsense questions. You are right. Sometimes it is just not okay, and a little girl can't be expected to have patience when enough is enough. It's good that she can hold her own. Very good.

Joy said...

You go, E! Maybe it's just a sick sense of humor that runs in my family, but I have very fond memories of making up ridiculous stories in response to unwanted questions, with my dad's approval and (sometimes) participation. Once I was injured in a waterskiing accident. Once, after I was a grownup and it was only mildly inappropriate, he told one of his nosy co-workers that I couldn't stand up because my chest was too big and my feet were too small. There's a place for educating and raising awareness, and a place for reclaiming your personal space and privacy. And she's totally right - there's nothing "wrong" with her.

Mo said...

Oh, how I love that she spoke so firmly. There is nothing wrong with the Elena I know and love!!!