Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trail-a-bike in the Neighborhood!

Here is Elena and I going for a ride. Our neighborhood is HILLY. This gives you an idea of how fast we go (sometimes). E really does help when pedaling uphill--but sometimes, I can feel her really holding on with her hands (trying to push against the handlebars as she pedals) b/c she can really jerk the bike. But, overall, I feel relatively safe riding around with her. I'll take some pictures of her pedal setup--she is strapped in well, and her only rule when on the bike (besides wearing a helmet) is to HANG ON AT ALL TIMES.

She really loves it. I certainly sweat a lot, both from the biking and anxiety with E, but we have a great time.


Amy said...

Wow, you guys were going pretty fast downhill. It is so nice to see Elena be able to do this and hold on so well. What fun for you both--not to mention all the great exercise up those hills! Yikes!

Krystle said...

So nice you have a place to ride that's relatively safe with her! She seems to have fun & i'm sure it's a work out!