Thursday, September 1, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Bears, OH MY!

Last week was CRAZY.

Virginia had an earthquake (5.9 on the Richter scale)--my first experience. It was scary and fascinating. No one was hurt around here, and very little damage to buildings. Elena was scared--but kept her "brave face on", so proud of that girl! We've had several aftershocks--I'm ready to be done with quakes in general, though.

Elena started First Grade.

We had about a billion Hurricane Irene warnings--it was going to miss us, for the most part. We got some rain and some wind--again, nothing major. I feel bad for our neighbors South, and up North who got lots of wind and water. Hope you all are okay.

I had planned to attend a camping trip with some friends a long time ago. They are seasoned campers--as I've written before, I dislike camping, but I had promised Elena that I would take her and Vivian if they wanted to go. So, amid the arrival of Irene, we went. (And on the way, the car died--nice way to start the trip, no?)

Camping with a disabled 6 yr-old can have its challenges--but camping with a fiesty almost 3-yr old is HARDER. A giant bear (not kidding, HUGE!) greeted us at the campsite--I WAS PETRIFIED--but both Elena and our friends were okay with it (!!!), so we stayed (and, obviously, lived to tell the tale). It rained, as expected. We just dealt with being damp most of the time. It was actually quite pleasant while we biked, hiked, and fished the following day (we managed to do all those things inbetween buckets of rain).

Morning hot chocolate

Viv readies the line

Fishing (we even caught three fish!)


Biking during a break from the rain

This week our Fantastic Nanny Annette is on a well-earned vacation, so we're piecing things together. And with Jason going overseas for school in two weeks, I'll have more than ever to juggle. C'est la vie, non?


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My cousin would agree with you. She's only lived in VA for a few years but she's ready to move. Glad Irene didn't get you too bad, places got hammered up here.