Monday, September 26, 2011

Prognosis of a Faun

You may remember my post about The Faun; my reaction to watching a theater performance, starring Gregg Mozgala.

Since then, Gregg and I have exchanged some messages regarding this blog, Elena, dancing, and his performance(s).

They want to make a documentary about this story. They are soliciting donations to make this happen.

If theater isn't your thing, I understand (it's not mine, either). If dancing isn't your thing, I get it. But if you are the parent of a child with a disability, this story is amazing. Ballet changed Gregg's life.

What if Gregg was your son? He reminds me so much of Elena. If his story, the Faun performance, or this documentary could help one other person, or help educators envision another outlet for our kids--wouldn't that be fantastic?

I will certainly highlight it here if the film gets the green light. And if it does, please check it out.

Are there other films/movies that I should know about? Do you have some that really resonate with you, especially if you or someone in your life is affected by CP?

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Sarah said...

Have you seen "Music Within"? It's not directly about CP (one of the main characters does have CP) but it's a movie I think everyone should see. And then watch it again with the commentary. It's so great, I made my roommates watch it.