Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011 Recap

What a great holiday! It was wonderful to have family over, the kids loved having everyone around, and enjoyed their presents. The food was wonderful, the company was great, and things went relatively smoothly.

Preparing for it, though...I was a seriously stressed-out mess. I would have enjoyed it much, much more if I just relaxed more often! I need to work on that.

I organized a picture session with Chris Earle Photography this year. I couldn't put up any of these pictures until after the holiday, since we gave them out for gifts. Here are a few of my favorites. The big difference between this and our other photo sessions? Elena could be the one standing in the picture. (I only have one shown here, b/c it's hard to time the girls' smiles just right!)

We went to my work Holiday Party this year. This is important, b/c there wasn't a close parking space, it was wet and nasty out, and the lighting around the venue was very poor, not to mention the only walkways were "historical"--meaning, cobblestone, or something equally as rough. Elena made it through just fine using her crutches, with a little contact guarding up the steps. The party was GREAT--wonderful food, lots of friendly people, including kids, and a DJ! Vivian and E loved dancing--not to mention, the cookie/cheese table was in the dance room, so everyone enjoyed themselves. There is a gentleman I have seen throughout the building who I had hoped would be there; he has CP, ambulates independently, and always seems to be surrounded by women, and half the time he is speaking another language--he was there, and I was hoping to meet him. But it was a strictly man-to-man defense (1:1 parent:child) and I didn't have the chance.

We also went to a Holiday party in our neighborhood. It was LOVELY! Like a little piece of heaven...food I didn't have to cook, a bartender (!), great neighbors I got to hang out with/meet new people, and ALL THE KIDS WERE DOWNSTAIRS. Even mine. As a matter of fact, Elena came upstairs just to tell me something, and then went back down. She wasn't alone (an older kid neighbor was with her, taking care of someone's baby) but she didn't have to help E navigating the house. THAT IS A MILESTONE, folks! It might not be pretty, but Elena can get around someone else's house--including steps, different bathrooms, wearing a dress, without crutches, and not break anything or impale herself on legos/blocks/puzzle pieces all over the floor in a room crowded with kids. Merry Christmas, indeed!

Santa brought Elena a PINK chess set. She's no Kasparov or Fischer, but she enjoys the game and I know she'll improve. We got a lot of microphones this year--EVERYONE except Jason uses them constantly--we love them. Elena narrates The Nutcracker, sings, Vivian just likes to hear her own voice, I announce dinnertime or pottytime or snacktime--I now think it should be a Mom Essential Item. We also got a little mini-golf indoor setup, and both E and Viv can do it. Elena gets frustrated when the ball is close, but not in, the hole. "THAT'S GOLF." I tell her. Jason smiles.

We loved getting our Doodle Mail! Thank you to all that sent letters! I have already written some of you to tell you our cards will be late...sorry about that. It happens...even though I really hoped to get them all out on time this year. For any family reading this--SORRY we didn't get our Year In Review sent (we didn't last year...surgery got in the way) but I do plan on getting one out. Expect a Leap Year in Review. ;)


Cary said...

Oh WOW! That's awesome about Elena in other people's homes. Totally awesome. I hope we get to that point someday.

Happy New Year! LOVED the photos...especially the last one of the 3 of you.

Amy said...

The photos are beautiful. Of course with beautiful subjects, how can a photo go wrong? I love the girls' dresses. I bet everyone that got one for a gift was very happy!

Sorry our card is late, but Emma has not felt well this month. Colds off and on and a long trip too. She has picked many photos to share, and I now have them printed, ah!

Happy New Year!