Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Goals: 2011 Review

2011 was a fun, exciting blur of a year. I have to say, I'm looking forward to 2012. Last year was extremely busy, with lots of Mom Solo (with the hubby in school or away on business), lots of bursts of activities. Overall it was a very good and successful year...and a very tiring one.

I think it was energy well spent--but I need to re-energize. Recuperate? I'm not exactly sure how to do that, but I'm going to try. I'm still thinking of goals for 2012 though.

First, a Review of Past Goals:

--E will be able to carry items at home--specifically, food to the dinner table. CHECK. She can bring non-breakables to the table, and helps clear (plastic) plates/trays. She still spills often, but it's a work in progress.

--E will make some progress getting out of the bathtub. CHECK. Elena can get out of the small bathtub by herself (with supervision). Unfortunately, now we bathe the girls together in a different bathtub that has a higher side.

--E will be able to put her own AFOs on, with supervision. HALF CHECK. Elena can get her surestep inserts on, but not the kiddiegait and shoe part. She can get her regular sneakers on (her shoes she wears without AFOs).

--E will successfully navigate a step without assistance, and without crutches. CHECK! She went up and down a free-standing step at PT, and she can go up and down steps with only one hand on the banister and the other free. Steps are still a challenge, but we're getting there.

--E will be able to put on, take off, and carry a backpack. CHECK!

--I want Elena to make some progress navigating our entire yard. CHECK! She can get outside the back, down the steps, across the grass and to the playset without her crutches and without supervision. She can also navigate around the entire house, steps and grass, with her crutches.

--Elena will be able to get in and out of the pool (using pool steps, a handrail, her swim vest, and anti-slip pool shoes) without scraping her knees and feet. BIG FAT CHECK!

--Elena will answer questions regarding her disability when asked by peers. CHECK. Sometimes I can see she doesn't mind. Other times, she really does, and sometimes, she shuts them down.

--Elena will be able to step side-to-side. Sort-of check.

--Elena will be able to move backwards independently in some fashion. CHECK. She can walk backwards ~10 steps or so without her crutches. She moves about 1-2 feet.

*1. E will walk TO and FROM the bus by herself on a school day. As of yesterday? CHECK!!!
*2. Elena will RUN. And be able to STOP, without a handhold, and without crutches. You mean...Like THIS?

*3. Elena will pivot on one foot (or two feet, simultaneously). Nope.
*4. E will try a jump shot--with a ball, and land without falling down. Untested.
*5. E will attend a dance class without a facilitator. CHECK! She did a yoga class for 5-7 year-olds last month, without a facilitator. I had spoken to the instructor beforehand, and she said that E modified some of the poses but she did GREAT.

--E WILL JUMP ROPE. Half-Check. She sort of did, with Jimmy at the Gym.
--E WILL TAKE A SHOWER--STANDING. She did, but we had a handle in the shower and I helped wash her. Half-check?
--E WILL ROLLER (OR ICE) SKATE. Check--She did ice skate (with heavy assistance) at the Gaylord Hotel!

And me?

1. Get in better shape. Nope. I'll try again this year.
2. Learn how to use Skype. Does Google Video count? I'm going to say yes.
3. Make a Yoga With E short video. This was a big failure. It just took too long, and I couldn't get E to commit.
4. Cook more at home--ideally, with the kids helping me. Check!
5. Vivian Time. Check!

And now, for 2012!

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Amy said...

Okay, that is amazing! I just saw this video of Elena running down the hall, stopping with no holding. Fantastic! That child can do anything. I am of the opinion that her intelligence is making things like this amazingly possible. WOW! Thanks for sharing.