Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow Day

We've had such a warm winter, we weren't sure if the girls would get any snow this year. We were under the threat of snow all day--and it finally arrived!

Bundled up before dinner

We gave E her crutches and let the kids loose. Our neighbors were already outside. E stormed up the hill, no sweat. HUGE CHANGE FROM LAST YEAR.

Viv, of course, moved much better outside. But she still needed her big sis to show her the ropes.

Downhill race!

With their wrists exposed and their mittens filling with snow, one last angel for each!


Cary said...

OK. That is totally amazing! Walking up a snowy hill! Totally amazing.

Amy said...

Yeah, so fun. Wish we had that hill. Emma got out today too. She loved it. She was afraid she wasn't going to get to wear her snow pants and snow boots this year. :)