Monday, March 12, 2012

Dance Mentor: Ms. C

FINALLY I have some decent ballet pics/vids!

Here is E at her last session with Ms. C. This was probably our most productive session--the room was HOT (I never know which studio will be available) but luckily I had a leotard in our gym bag--a beautiful gift from Ms. Sharon (ballet teacher down the hall during E's Daisy Troop meetings). Never underestimate the power of the right outfit!

Here's E and Ms. C finishing up stretches, with the emphasis on turnout:

Last stretch to grab a water break:

Using a big ball to work on pointing! Ms. C is trying to get her to point her toes to move the ball.

Working on "passes"--E is trying to get her toe to her knee

Trying to do a tendu to the wall

Bourrees--E is trying to take many tiny, tiny, steps while on her toes with nice big arms out. This is actually very good here--E took more small steps than usual, and she was a bit slower than her typical speed.

Battements--E is trying to take a large leading step with a straight leg. She has a much easier time trying this with her left foot leading--but even so, she has almost zero balance on her own when trying to move her leg this far. We also tried this with me holding her torso and Ms. C guiding her in front, which was effective. E felt more comfortable trying this move with lots of support.

We took lots of "soccer breaks", where she could kick the big yellow exercise ball between ballet moves. We invented a new word for E, "Soccerina". Hey, whatever works, right? She had good control of herself after kicking the ball (didn't fall, even though she was on her toes most of the time) and several times she came to a full stop, only in ballet shoes, feet flat after kicking with no hand holds. Yay!

And for the finale? Reverence!

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She seems to like dancing very much