Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beach Walker 2.0

I had to make the Beach Walker bigger--and when I did, I realized that it wouldn't easily fit in the car anymore. After a lot of mistakes, this is what I came up with. A simple change of the design. I re-used the same wheel and axle as before, and added a "spacer" piece so I don't have to remake the portion containing the wheel again. The spacer isn't epoxied into place like almost everything else; it's secured with bolts and butterfly nuts. Beach Walker in two parts for transport

Spacer and bolts--spacer is 1" pvc pipe, into 1 1/2" pipe--just shove in the spacer tight, and use a drill and the right size drill bit. Might need a hammer to get the bolt in for the first few times you take a apart and put it together again.

Putting the bolt in place

Make sure the end of the bolts are pointing inward, so not to have sharp edges that can harm any bystanders

Beach Walker 2.0 Assembled

Now that this is ready...well, I dont' think Elena needs it. Her crutches are the best option for every terrain--except sand--that we've encountered lately. But maybe this will help some of you out there.


Just the Tip said...

That's pretty awesome! I was thinking it looked great for sand.

I was wanting to ask you (but not bother you with an email) the title of your blog..does it go to a quote or anything?

I've been thinking of getting "Live a life less ordinary
Live a life extraordinary" on a tattoo but it made me think of your blog as well.

Amy said...

Hey Amy! I love this walker, and I am considering having Emma's dad help me build one for her. How fast does it roll along in the grass, for example? Any ideas to slow it down a bit? OR does the weight of the front tire help keep the speed in check? Thank, I know how busy you are!