Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Biking Weekend

Just a quick note--I took the girls out on a "bike ride" this weekend.

We've done this before, but this is the first time I've taken both kids out 1) where both kids were interested in pedaling a bike and 2) Elena's feet were NOT strapped to the pedals.  At PT, she's been working a bit (using the bike in this video) trying to put her feet down and back onto the pedals.  Theresa has also tipped the bike to try to encourage Elena to put her foot down to stop a fall.  E does it, but slowly--still this is all very good progress.

Today was the first time ever E's been on a bike outdoors without her feet strapped in, and the first time doing any kind of incline.  This one is very slight, but for Elena, it's definitely a challenge and I'm so very proud of her!

I also notice how Elena encourages Vivian--what a great big sis!  Up until this video, I couldn't get Vivian interested in actually pedaling a bike!

It's obvious to me that Elena needs a bigger bike frame.  Our PT says that kids with CP like Elena feel more comfortable on a bike where their legs stay more bent--but I think E's grown so much that this size bike is just too tiny.  She has been on larger bikes (just sitting on them, stationary) and I have to admit the fall from one of those bikes seems a bit daunting.  Elena has already fallen while riding a bike (twice, I believe), with her feet strapped in--and got right back up each time (with assistance).  It's our hope that with enough practice, E will learn when to keep her feet on the pedals and when to take them off to prevent a fall.  So far we are off to a slow--but very promising start!

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Josephine Andersen said...

Oh my, Elena looks so awesome on that bike!! Gives me hope for Avery and her bike with training wheels... she's shown a little more interest in it recently, but it hurts her bottom and she needs help getting started if she stops, so she still really prefers her low trike with the bucket seat. And a big part of me does too, because she's not going to get hurt too badly if she falls when she's sitting 6 inches off the ground :) Those REAL bikes scare me a little. Okay, a lot!! Elena is a super star on that bike though!! And Vivian is doing great on her trike too :)