Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting started...Card Exchange 2012!

If you're new to this blog, I organize a card exchange every year for Elena (aiming for a late December delivery)--she LOVES mail, and the exchange is a great way to remind E there are other kids out there like her.  Kids who wear braces, or wear glasses, use crutches/wheelchair/other devices, who have siblings, friends, go to school, etc. etc.--kids who might be different.

The typical card exchange involves a little letter telling E something about yourself, or your child (they can write part/all of the letter, or send a drawing or something) and a photo of you, your family, your child, or favorite pet, etc.  To get a letter in mail from this exchange is a great experience--to know that someone out there--a stranger--connects with you, values you and your story--it's simply fantastic. 

I certainly hope that everyone who has taken part in the exchange previously has enjoyed their letters--occasionally one is late, which is why I'm starting this early--IF you are a overseas follower of The Doodle, we'll need to get started on letters (I learned the hard way they can take a while!).  

If you are interested in a card exchange, please email me (cpmom2009 AT yahoo DOT com) with the following information:

Your name (and/or child's name), child's age, diagnosis, favorite thing(s), siblings, etc.
You address (in full, including country)
How long mail will take to arrive from Virginia, United States (if you know) (particularly important for overseas mail)
What holidays you celebrate, if any, near the end of this year
Primary language--If English is not your primary language DON'T WORRY, we'll try anyway!

I will not share your email information OR addresses with anyone without your permission. This exchange is between E and you.  And, maybe E's sister Vivian, b/c sometimes she likes to write letters too. 

*NOTE: This is NOT a gift exchange. Sometimes people send little things, which is very nice--but never expected. We'd most appreciate a card, a message (or a drawing/doodle/coloring if writing is difficult), and a picture of your child. We typically send a card with a message (Elena writes some or all of it) and a picture.

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