Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

We took advantage of a great weekend and went to the BEST pumpkin patch ever...Belvedere Plantation!

Both girls were completely stoked and couldn't wait to get in the car that morning.  We decided to bring the sit n' stand stroller, and have Elena do as much walking as possible but offer the stroller if she wanted a break.

Scarecrow Family

Viv on the Jumping Pillow

E on the Jumping Pillow

Both E and Viv went on the big Jumping Pillow; last year it was a real challenge b/c it was very crowded.  This year, the crowd was thin this morning AND the staff only let a few kids on a time (normally by size/age) so it was a much safer environment.  Elena even JUMPED (with both feet), LANDED, and then walked around a bunch (turning around, even)--that's a huge change from last year!

Viv made sure we knew she was "back" after disappearing in the corn maze (each time)

Train Girls

E admitted she was a little "old" for the tractor train.  She also admits it's "still fun". 

Vivian on the Tractor Bikes

E had some trouble on the Tractor Bikes

We tried a few new things this year--one of them being the Tractor Bikes.  The seat is adjustable (distance from the pedals) but they are ALL very wobbly and it's still a stretch for my girls to reach the pedals.  Elena didn't really get it, and got pretty frustrated.  She did like steering down the path while coasting on a downhill.  Vivian did have some pedaling success.  It was really nice for the girls to try something new--and to NOT be the only parent having to push their kid around the track (there were A LOT of us).

Elena ready to launch

Viv ready to launch

Vivian on the ropeswing!

E on the ropeswing!

We spent more time in the haybarn this year!  This was very exciting b/c the hay is SO DEEP, it's hard for Elena to walk in--and her crutches slip away if she leans on them too much.  Mostly we navigated by hand-holding, but E did a good job of lifting her legs up as we went along.

Making a Haystorm
I'm going to crop this one and repost


Viv did the big slide all by herself!

Elena really wanted to do the corn maze.  It was late, and she had been up for most of our trip...last year we pulled both kids in the wagon.  This year, we opted to do the short kid's maze on foot (our guide said it would take 10-15 minutes, as opposed to the 20-90 minute other maze options) and it was AWESOME.

Our fearless leader

Such a happy girl

This way

We made it through the maze...and in a good amount of time.  Jason and I were very impressed that E chose to do it on foot.  She wanted to do the bigger maze...maybe in a few years.

Hayride to the patch
It was WINDY!

We took the hayride to the pumpkin patch.  We were hoping that this year E would be able to venture out and pick her perfect pumpkin.  There were lots of great pumpkins close to the edge, which was convenient b/c E had a hard time navigating the vines again this year.  E fell a few times (so did Vivian, and many others) and got a bit discouraged.  Still, we all enjoyed ourselves.

Great choice

Searching for the perfect pumpkin

I think we gave up on getting them both to smile at the same time

My handsome better half

It was another amazing trip...I'm glad we went on a warm day (even though a cold front passed through later that day) and especially on a day where it wasn't too crowded (it's early in the season for the Fall Festival).  It was wonderful to see how much the girls have grown, and how independent (or getting there) both Viv and E are becoming.  Elena didn't use the stroller that much this year.  Next year I think we may bring something...but it's possible we might all be only on foot.



Huge thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for making the trip with us, and to Grandpa for taking so many of these pictures (I know I post a lot of them, but there are SO MANY GOOD ONES!!).  We'll be back again next year!

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