Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor Day Weekend at the Lake

We were invited to a family friend's Lake House over Labor Day weekend.  The girls LOVE Captain Gerry and Ms. Arlene!  It was a beautiful day--perfect weather, great company, delicious food, fun times.

E and Viv love the windy ride

Captain and the crew

Viv in front

E hanging out

The girls were different on the water this year.  Vivian was not so timid, and Elena was more stable.  I think a lot of that was because both are bigger than last year.  Elena also seems to be understanding that when her feet are flat on the ground, it improves her balance foundation.  That's especially important here, as she is moving around mostly in bare feet/water shoes.

Dad was allowed to drive the!

After our boat ride, the girls wanted to swim in the lake.  The water was cool, but the weather was hot--very refreshing!

Pink Dolphins waiting to take the plunge

"Swim School"

Sisters swimming

We tried a new thing this year...tubing!  We saw lots of other people on the water, so this year we decided to try it.  I wasn't worried about Captain Gerry driving too fast, and I wasn't worried about the kids in their floatation vests having trouble if the tube capsized for any reason.  I was worried about possibly getting caught up in a deflating tube, or just the kids being scared in general.  I went with one child at a time.

Our first try, the tube ended up not being properly plugged after inflating, so Elena and I had to "abandon tube" a few minutes into our ride.  Elena and I laughed the whole time, it was a very funny situation--especially since I felt prepared for it.  We got back on the boat, fixed the tube, and tried again.

Mom and Viv tubing!  

Mom and E tubing!

Vivian preferred a calm tow, while Elena liked being fast and going over bumpy waves.  We weren't the only ones who had a new water adventure...Jason went water skiing too!  My pictures/movies are mostly of him wiping out (my camera got full) but he was successful and managed to get up on his skis!  I didn't try...I have been water skiing only once, and I don't think contact lens wearers make great novice skiers.

We adjourned into the house for a delicious meal.  We were all exhausted from such a fun, stimulating adventurous day.  Thank you so much, T family--what a way to celebrate Labor Day!

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TheCzarsOf45 said...

And you know that Elena can likely waterski too. Sit skis exist. I do it a lot in summertime. And she'd likely enjoy it.